Agreements & Cancellation Policy

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1. To abide by policies set by the resort management, refrain from loud noise.
2. Guest is responsible for any damages.
3. No pets shall be allowed in vacation property.
4. To pay all fees in full 60 days prior to check in or sooner if possible.
5. To pay all hotel tax tabs and parking fees if any upon check out.
6. Funds are released to owners after guest has checked in.

NOTE: Remember to refer to yourself as a guest of the owner when checking in.  As a guest of an owner you will be entitled to owner benefits including free parking, and lower nightly hotel tax per night. Hawaii Weeks is an owner and member vacation club which offers unused reservation weeks to guests. The actual reservation is complimentary. The fee paid by a guest is for service related to the booking. We are not a rental company.

1. Owner agrees to add guest name and provide a confirmation number for reservation within 48 business hours.
2. Owner agrees to the marketing/processing service fees of Hawaii Weeks.
3. Funds are released to owners after guest has checked in.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, any changes, amendments, or modifications herein shall be void unless the same are in writing and signed by the parties hereto. Owner and Renter acknowledges receipt of a true copy of this language. The parties agree to the terms stated above and have read, understand, and agree to the terms of service.


  • Once you have booked the reservation, we will have your name added to it as a guest.
  • We will email the updated reservation to you within 24-48 business hours.


Other Funding Options

  • Venmo: HawaiiWeeks
  • Zelle
    • If you are paying by check, please make your check out to Hawaii Weeks. for the initial funding. A personal check is acceptable. Please send to the address on your agreement.

    Payment by DIGITAL CHECK

    • Please email a clear picture of the filled out check front and back to so we may do a digital deposit of it.
    • Once the digital deposit is accepted, we will notify you by email. At that point you will not be required to physically mail it, but should keep it in your file as your copy.

    Payment by CREDIT CARD

    • If you are paying by credit card, we will invoice you by request (Domestic: 3.5% credit card fee applies Canadian: 5% credit card fee applies).


    • Hawaii Weeks offers a 100% refund of any and all funds paid if we cannot provide a resort confirmation from the owner for the dates as posted.

    • Hawaii Weeks offers a 100% refund of any and all funds paid in the event of a cancellation for any reason within the first 48 hours after you have agreed to our terms and conditions. 

    • Hawaii Weeks offers a 90% refund of total booking amount if it is more than 91 days from check in date, a confirmation has been provided and the resort is open.
    • If a guest must cancel less than 91 days from check in for any reason, Hawaii Weeks and the owner agree in all cases to make every effort to re-market the week to recover funds to be used as credit towards a future booking for the guest. The amount of additional funds recovered from a re-marketing effort cannot be guaranteed, but if we are able to re-market the week successfully, your credit can be up to 75%, but will never exceed a 75% credit of total booking funds due to the cost and time involved in the re-marketing effort.